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Apple And Overstock: The Value Of A Name

Although all Americans celebrate Independence Day on July 4, those who own Apple stock may be rejoicing more than others this year. On the final trading day before the holiday weekend, Apple became the first publicly traded company to achieve a $3 trillion market value.
Michael Kraten
October 11, 2023

Sustainability Standards: Is This An Improvement?

by Michael Kraten, PhD, CPA What is the most common complaint heard about the current state of sustainability reporting standards? It may be the bloated number of free-standing, independent, overlapping, and often conflicting standards. Regrettably, no single entity has yet emerged as the clear consensus choice for defining corporate disclosures. There were hopes, though, that this situation would have improved two weeks…
Michael Kraten
August 15, 2023
ESG/SustainabilityInformationValue Chain Sustainability Laws

Groundbreaking lawsuit against BNP Paribas

French banking giant sued for financing fossil fuel companies This is another post in our series of blog posts on Value Chain Sustainability laws. Several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) filed a summons against BNP Paribas on February 23, 2023. At issue is whether the bank’s climate risk plan is inadequate, in violation of the French Duty of Vigilance law. The plaintiffs…
Allen Campbell
March 10, 2023