Allen Campbell — Founder and CEO

Allen is a leading light in Sustainability, focused on (i) identifying and creating value and (ii) managing risk, with an eye to emerging forces in the global business ecosystem. Expert in our new world order of mandates and expectations, he helps people acquire understanding and make sound strategic decisions. He is an effective communicator and skilled negotiator, adept at informing business leaders, investors and other stakeholders, and at helping people come to agreement.

Allen knows the joys and pains of being an entrepreneur, having served as the founder or co-founder, co-investor, chairman and/or CEO of firms in various industries, including biotechnology, investment research and magazine publishing.

Allen played an important role in the AIDS crisis of the 1980s and ‘90s, as the founder and chairman of the company that created the first rapid test for antibodies to the AIDS virus, a major achievement. The company became publicly held and was sold to Abbott Labs.

Allen is a graduate of the College of Wooster (AB), Columbia University (JD) and the University of Chicago (MBA) where he studied under three Nobel laureates. He started his professional life as an attorney with the Taft law firm (recently featured in the motion picture Dark Waters). He was later an investment banker in the corporate finance department of a major bracket national investment bank in New York and subsequently directed the corporate finance department of a regional investment bank in Dallas. Before coming to Dallas, Allen also spent a year in Cambridge, Massachusetts as a full-time strategic advisor to the the chief executive of Arthur D. Little Inc., a leading international consulting firm, and the president of its ADL Enterprises unit.

Brain Trust

In keeping with our belief that “doing ESG” and managing risk are best done using a range of knowledge and skills, we have a Brain Trust of experts to be called upon as needed.

Allen Campbell, the founder of McAlan