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Allen Campbell

Value Chain Sustainability Laws

Proposed European Value Chain Legislation Will Affect Companies Around the World

Getting Ready for EUMDD By  Allen Campbell, JD Published in CPA Journal, January, 2022 U.S. business owners and their accounting professionals may be surprised to learn about a proposed European legal regime that will have a major impact on global business. Their surprise might turn to shock when they learn that businesses they own or serve will become subject to legal…
Allen Campbell
January 7, 2022
McAlan Overview

Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic: Taking Care of Business, Taking Care of Yourself, Taking Care of Your People.

This is our first blog post focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, and it deals with the three dimensions to surviving and thriving any crisis: the well-being of your organization, the well-being of yourself, and the well-being of your people. Thus our Survive and Thrive workbook is uniquely divided into two parts: Business Resilience and Personal Resilience. Business Resilience is the…
Allen Campbell
September 17, 2021