Allen Campbell, the founder of McAlan, is an experienced lawyer, financier, businessman and communicator.

A graduate of the College of Wooster (AB), Columbia University (JD) and the University of Chicago (MBA), Allen started his professional life as an attorney with the Taft law firm (recently featured in the motion picture Dark Waters). He was later an investment banker in the corporate finance department of a major bracket national investment bank in New York and directed the corporate finance department of a regional investment bank in Dallas. That legal/financial background was supplemented by experience with a leading international consulting firm.

Allen knows the joys and pains of being an entrepreneur, having served as the founder or co-founder, co-investor, chairman and/or CEO of firms in various industries, including biotechnology, investment research and magazine publishing.

All of this education and experience provide a firm foundation for Allen’s creative, encouraging leadership – delivered as a principal, investor and advisor.

Allen had a premonition in December of 2019 that the year 2020 would be different, significant and pivotal, which led him to write a song called 2020 Vision, that encourages all of us to see and act on our vision, mission and purpose at this time.

2020 has indeed been a transformative year. Allen’s views of the  COVID-19 Pandemic are informed by his experience with the AIDS crisis of 1980s and ‘90s. Allen was the founder and chairman of the company that created the first rapid test for antibodies to the AIDS virus. That company became publicly held and was sold to Abbott Labs. Allen is involved with products and technology used in healthcare with regard with COVID-19.

As the former co-owner of a respected magazine on African-American arts and culture, Allen is encouraged to see the world responding positively to the global need for racial equity that has prompted so much discussion and action this year.

The needle of Allen’s inner compass always points to the positive, A student, teacher and master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and other mind-body-spirit disciplines, Allen is committed to his own and others’ wellness and the realization of their human potential.

In general, Allen is a communicator. His favorite hobby is songwriting, and he offers special prayers for everyone in the music industry during this Pandemic.

Allen Campbell
Allen Campbell, the founder of McAlan